Custom Home Builders in Champaign, IL

Custom Home Builders in Champaign, IL

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Keystone Homes has been building custom homes in the Champaign-Urbana community for years. We are proud of our work and let it stand for itself – you can view our gallery of recently completed projects in Champaign-Urbana here. We have an exhaustive but simple design & building process that allows your personality and individual tastes to show throughout the project – all while respecting your budget.


Along with the rest of our team, you will work with Bob & Linda Brady directly throughout the home building process. With our years of expertise, we will guide you seamlessly through the process and keep the enjoyment of having a custom home built front and center.


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Building Your Own Home


When building a new home in Champaign, IL, there are many things to consider throughout the process. One of the first questions we always face is “How much will building a custom home cost?” While we certainly would love to provide a direct answer immediately, there are many considerations & factors that go into the final total of your Champaign, IL home building cost. If you’re looking for an estimate on home building prices, you can either call our office to schedule an appointment or read the following Home Advisor article to get a ballpark estimate of how the various factors of new home building in Champaign, IL affect the total cost.


One of the biggest misconceptions with custom home building prices in Champaign-Urbana, IL is the ability to completely have a new home designed & built for around the price of a currently standing home. This assumption neglects the time & costs associated with working with both architects and engineers when designing from the ground up. Some estimates put the cost of working with a residential architect as high as 15% of the total luxury home building cost! This is a main reason why working with our custom home building team at Keystone Homes is a huge advantage! We have our expert design team in-house & a large arrangement of pre-designed customizable floor-plans to choose from the moment you walk in.


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Building a Custom Home in champaign il:  Cost considerations


As stated above, there are many different influencers and factors that go into determining the final cost of a custom home. First, by working with a home building company in Champaign, IL like Keystone homes, you are cutting out up to 15% of the final cost by working with our in-house design team instead of a residential architect or engineer. Other things to consider are listed out below:


Do You Own Your Own Lot?

Most people that we work with would say no. This is why we continually look for good value on fantastic lots for sale around the Champaign-Urbana area and have them available for your choosing. By purchasing your lot through us, you save time & money – we have already done the background research on the lot and understand its topography and utility infrastructure. When bringing a lot you currently own, we will need to spend time surveying the land and confirming proper utilities are able to run out to the lot. You save money by not needing to send out each utility company to run lines out specifically to your lot – depending on the location, this potentially saves tens of thousands of dollars in your bottom line.


Our lots are extensively researched to be optimal locations for holding long-term value. We want you to not only enjoy your newly built home during the time you’re living in it, but we also want it to remain a great investment for your family’s long-term financial security.


Plans, Dreams & Design

Is having the best kitchen in town most important for your family? Or would you rather have an extra screened in porch overlooking your beautiful backyard? Depending on your budget, these are considerations and choices you may have to make when custom building your home. This is a big reason why our initial series of meetings are extremely important – we want to have an accurate idea of your budget & wish list. This allows our team to dream with you, all while respecting your budget and pulling from our years of experience as new home builders in Champaign, IL to set reasonable expectations for a final new home that your family can enjoy for years.


Square Footage

A new house’s final price will tend to become more expensive the larger it is. This is an important consideration in deciding between your family’s current & future space needs.


Number of Stories

Adding a basement or second story will raise the price of your Champaign, IL custom home. On the other hand, a split level home can usually be built for less than a traditional ranch. Call to schedule an initial consultation if you have additional questions regarding your desired home layout.


Type & Quality of Roof

Along with landscaping, the roof is one of the most forgotten big ticket expenses when building a new home. Depending on the new house size, the cost difference between traditional asphalt shingles and a more durable metal roof can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. We will go over all of this throughout the design meetings to ensure you understand the differences between quality & cost when considering these various options.


Fixtures, Finishes & Appliances

Are granite countertops a must? Maybe you want the best washer/dryer on the market? These finishing touches can make the difference in showing off your home, but they come at a cost. Most people initially underestimate the costs associated with these items and under-budget for them. All of these potential costs towards the end of the building process will be thoroughly discussed throughout the custom home design process.



Our number one most under-budgeted item when building a custom home in the Champaign-Urbana area. What good is a beautiful custom home with all the bells & whistles if the curb appeal leaves much to be desired? We want you to be the best prepared when building your home so that you are able to budget for these forgotten costs and can truly enjoy your home, rather than worrying about the price.


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