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A custom home is designed for a specific owner to match a certain location and personality. It does not adopt the usual, run-of-the-mill home design used in standard construction. A custom home designer leads a team of experts to construct a client's dream home. By building a custom home, homeowners can have a say in the layout, style, and features they desire. Therefore, there are a number of tasks involved in coming up with an effective home that achieves the requirements of the owners. Custom architecture is ultimately an expression of who you are. 



Custom Home Design Plans



A Guide to: custom designed homes

Keystone Homes outlines some of the considerations when designing a custom home. To us, it is essential to ensure that we get all these things right, in order to achieve the overall look and feel of a home. It is important that clients know what they want from their custom home. If you need some help getting started, we are glad to help assist you in designing the custom property you've always wanted.

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The dimensions of all parts of a custom home must be laid out properly in order to get the design right. All interior and exterior elements must have the right measurements to ensure beauty. In addition, the thickness of the foundation walls, columns, and other supports must be determined to maintain structural integrity. In other words, accuracy is key to a strong and beautiful custom home.

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Colors play a significant role in the design of a custom home. Using color theory, custom home designers mix and match appropriate color schemes to achieve a truly unique look. Color can help in the organization of the visual aspects of a custom home. For example, the contrast between the roof and the exterior walls establishes the identity of a home, whereas the different tones adopted in the interior of a home sets the mood.

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Use of Space

In designing a custom home, space usage is very important, as it outlines the very heart of what a custom home should be. The floor plan is carefully designed, studied, scrutinized, implemented, and reviewed for further necessary changes. The location of the doors and the sizes of the windows, for example, largely influence the way a space looks and how it is used. Thus, this design aspect should be flexible to result in the best custom home possible.

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Unity and Harmony

All parts of a custom home must converge to a single theme - the homeowner's personality. Building a custom home would be useless if the homeowner cannot have a say in the smallest detail of design. It is the role of the custom home designer, therefore, to unify all design aspects to come up with a beautiful home that the homeowner can be proud of.

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When you want to build the custom home of your dreams, Keystone Homes can make it a reality. At Keystone Homes, we invite you to dream and explore the wonderful option of building your own custom home. When we join you, you are able to create a home that is both uniquely tailored to your needs and highly reliable in terms of structural integrity and convenience.



Our custom home designers aim to capture your personality and lifestyle. In doing so, we take the time to get to know you and the things that you love so that we can incorporate these aspects into the design of your custom home.


You can trust Keystone Homes for quality custom home designs. Get in touch with us for more information about our services or to get started with your custom home project.


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