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Custom homes are expressive and unique, designed for a specific client and for a particular location. A custom home builder implements the plans created by an architect or by a professional home designer. Our experts at Keystone Homes perform both roles. We come up with inspiring custom home designs and build them using sound construction techniques. Custom homes provide homeowners with the ability to control the property layout, accessibility, features, and overall style. Our tried and tested process is sure to make you feel right at home. 

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Built from scratch and tailored to you, custom home building involves constant collaboration among the custom builder, designer, and the homeowner. The home's property is usually the driving factor that influences the design and construction. In other words, custom homes are built on empty properties found in a neighborhood that has other beautiful homes. They require quality work and craftsmanship.


Custom homes provide two major advantages – personalization and flexibility. Our home builders provide a wide range of choices to the homeowner in almost every aspect of the design and build process. From the structure to the home orientation, flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, materials, and other considerations, homeowners, designers and builders mix and match the right elements to come up with a unique space.


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In addition, custom home builders are flexible in combining styles and plans to build a house that is modeled according to the homeowner’s needs and lifestyle. Our floorplans are a template for you to build from. Many builders agree that versatility results in higher quality homes because homeowners can select options as they see fit. These changes are openly accepted by our builders to achieve a truly customized home.


Keystone Homes presents these custom home building tips so that you can be enticed to build one for your own. We come up with these ideas by drawing from our years of experience in quality custom home building. Apply these ideas to your next construction project and see your dream home come to life.


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Research and Preparation - A HOMEOWNERS' Guide


The lot plays an important role in the look of a custom home. As most people consider different factors such as privacy, waterfront views, and proximity to amenities, it is important to perform thorough site inspection and planning before making an offer. Buying a lot the moment you fall in love with the location without doing your research can result in budget inflation as the construction proceeds.


We are happy to help you select from our various lot offerings.


Raising the standard of home development 


Instead of imposing your own design by building a custom home with a different theme from that neighborhood, try getting a feel of the place and work with it to create true harmony in the area. That is, by making the home part of the landscape the beauty of the surroundings will add to the splendor of the property. Our project manager and senior designer will advise the home style based on local zoning and construction laws.


A consistent design from the external environment to the interior of a custom home creates a synergy between the outside presentation and the internal elements. It will also make the home truly one with its surroundings. That is, we want you and your guests to have the same inspired feeling as you walk toward the house as when you enter the door. Let's get you dreaming with us.

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The essence of building a custom home is paying attention to detail. Every cabinet, decorative item, appliance, and surface should work together to achieve the look and feel that you want from your custom home. This requires careful planning and consideration of different aspects such as room placement, fixture choice, and essential systems such as HVAC, plumbing, and landscaping.

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Keystone Homes is a professional custom home builder that insists on quality, energy efficiency, and spatial acuity – all play major roles in the outcome of a custom home construction project. With skilled sub-contractors, superior materials, and decades of experience in the construction industry, we are the builder of choice by many homeowners wishing to build their dream homes. At Keystone Homes, we don't build houses – we build homes.


Trust Keystone Homes today for quality custom homes. Get in touch with us for more information about our services.


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