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When building a new home in Champaign-Urbana, IL, you can trust the experienced team at Keystone Homes.  We have decades of combined experience in custom building & new development homes throughout Champaign-Urbana and Central Illinois. Our main goal is to make the home building process as easy and smooth as possible.


In Champaign, IL, other house building companies do not provide the same level of customer service and support as Keystone Homes. We take pride in knowing that not only will our client’s dreams become a reality, but they will also be supported, educated and cared for throughout the process. Our past clients love to highlight the Keystone Difference: Integrity, Quality, & Communication when telling stories of how we helped build the home of their dreams. This serious commitment to putting our client’s needs first is one of the main reasons why we have become the premier home building company in Champaign, IL!  


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Home Builders in Champaign, IL


Custom Home builders in champaign il


A New Home: What You Should Know

If you own property in Champaign, IL, do not rush into the new construction home building process. There are many important things to consider before breaking ground. We want to make sure all details are sound for you, in hopes that your home is special and uniquely built for your family. This guide will help you prepare for the place of your dreams.


Home Layout, Design & Family Needs

Think about your goals when you consider building a new construction home in Champaign, IL. Do you want to entertain family and friends throughout the year or would you rather have your home be used as a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of Champaign, IL? We want to work through these feelings, preferences, and goals with you firsthand in our initial meeting as well as throughout the process. This is very important because we want to protect your investment into your home and have it be a special place for your family for years to come!  


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Budgeting & Unexpected Costs of Building A New Home 

The #1 question we get asked is: “How much will building a new construction home in Champaign, IL cost?” While there is a typical range that our new construction homes fall into, the final sticker price on the home will be updated and influenced by your preferences and needs!


Based on your preferences, style & family needs, the total cost of your home and the materials used will go into the final cost. Countertop material, bathroom fixtures, flooring, square footage and more all go into the price of building a new home. We will work with you to determine reasonable goals & expectations within your budget so you can enjoy your new construction home in Champaign without worrying about paying for it.


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Where You Build - Locations in Champaign IL

Most people we work with in Champaign, IL do not build their new construction homes on a piece of land they already own. Since we are in the new construction home building industry, we have a large inventory of properties & lots throughout Champaign-Urbana to choose from and begin building on. Some of the factors that we discuss in your consultation include proximity to work, school & shopping, size of lot, and price. We have already done extensive research & projections on the lots we own to ensure the best possible chance of not only holding their value, but increasing in value over time to protect the investment of your home.

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New Construction Homes in Champaign, IL

New Construction homes are typically defined as having a set of layouts & designs to choose from when working with a professional home builder. An added benefit of working with Keystone Homes is we add flexibility based on your budget and preferences to allow for you to decide fixtures, materials, layouts, and more when designing & building your house. If you’d prefer granite countertops or a better man-cave for football Sundays, we can accommodate and make sure your new construction home meets your needs and allows you to enjoy it for years to come!


With decades of combined experience building houses throughout Champaign-Urbana, IL, Keystone Homes is able to work with your dreams and turn them into a reality! Owners Bob & Linda Brady will be actively involved in your house building process from beginning to end. The Keystone Team is also made up of House Designers, Project Managers, and support staff to ensure your home building process goes as smoothly as possible. For your next home, you can trust Keystone Homes: Champaign’s Premier House Builder. You can learn more about our housing building process here!


Years of Experience Building in Champaign-Urbana, IL

Champaign-Urbana, IL is a thriving community centered around the University of Illinois main campus, the healthcare industry, and a vibrant arts & culture community. With Champaign-Urbana being the home to the University of Illinois, there is a large research community centered around agriculture. Known as one of the first agricultural research facilities in the United States, the University of Illinois has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation for centuries. With the historical success of the Fighting Illini Athletics teams, there is a very large sports following supporting the various teams that call Champaign-Urbana home.


We at Keystone Homes like to also call Champaign-Urbana one of our homes for new construction and home building. We have designed, built, & remodeled many homes in the Champaign County area and look forward to continue being an active community member for years to come!

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The Bodavula Family

“We really appreciate all your help in building our dream house.  We also enjoyed working with you all in getting our requirements fulfilled.  We are grateful that we chose Keystone Homes as our builder.  Surely we will refer Keystone Homes to our friends.  Thanks again to you all!”


The Barker Family

“Wow! So many unexpected treats today! Thank you for the goodies but most importantly thank you for building our new home. I simply can't stop saying....I love this home! We appreciate your level of service during this entire process! With ever modification or change, you showed us grace! Thanks again for everything.”


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