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At Keystone Homes, our main business is building custom homes, but sometimes buying a new home isn't an option. In a lot of cases, it may be more manageable to set money aside for a few home renovations, whether it's simply to update your home or if it's to prepare for an expanding family. In our years serving the Bloomington area, we've continued to expand and improve our home remodeling services.


Whatever type of home remodeling project you're thinking about, feel free to run it by us and get some ideas. We're conveniently located in between the Eastland Mall and the Central Illinois Regional Airport (with plenty of food options nearby if you get hungry!), and we'd love to sit down and speak with you. For quick questions or if you need a fast response, feel free to fill out the contact form below. 


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Interior Home Remodelers: Room Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, and more!


Over the course of your life, you and your family will likely spend several years inside your home. It's where your best and most cherished memories will be made, so it only makes sense that the interior of your home looks as good as it can. When it comes to interior home renovations, your options are pretty much unlimited.


As your family expands, you might find yourself needing more rooms, bigger bathrooms, or more space. You might want to do something simple, like reclaiming unused kitchen space with clever shelves and storage. Maybe you'll want to enlarge or embellish the entrance of your home. Maybe you'll want to restore the floor or add a fireplace. On darker days, you might find yourself wishing you had more light, or better ways to utilize natural light. Whatever the case may be, we hope to hear from you as you think about remodeling the interior of your home. 


We've worked with dozens of Bloomington familes who've needed home renovations for whatever reason, and we've always done our best to ensure complete satisfaction.


So, what are you looking to do?



“The Keystone Team helped us renovate a tired residential home into a charming State Farm Agency office. Lynda and Bob took our dream and made it a reality while meeting every deadline and budget! They made a top to bottom renovation of the interior and exterior of our building feel easy! The Keystone Team treated us like family and we won't ever consider another project without them!!”

Larry Nolan, State Farm Agent



Design and Planning your Home Remodel Project


Home remodeling takes a significant amount of planning and thought. You will not only need to partner with a contractor, but there will also need to be a variety of services installed. Before beginning a residential remodeling project, we will need to get in touch with your local officials and secure building permits if necessary. Below you will find a guide with the best resources for getting your project ready to propose.


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Remodelers in Bloomington IL


Home Remodeling Repairs


In the case of repairing damage, such as during a house flip, it is common to need a rebuild for parts of the house. We can help remodel and bring you a refurbished foundation along with flawless interiors.


We consult for:

  • attic insulation and roof leaks
  • unfinished basements and water damage
  • kitchen remodels
  • bathroom remodels
  • window replacement
  • updating interior painting
  • installing new flooring
  • replacing exterior siding
  • exterior and interior entryways
  • fireplace updates
  • stairwells and ramps


Since we offer comprehensive remodeling solutions, we outline a Building Process guideline for every client. This will be the basis for the work we complete, and can be tracked through our BuildTREND system. 


home remodeling and additions


Home Remodeling Additions


Our staff have decades of experience designing custom homes and commercial spaces for clients. The majority of our work is building a property from the ground up. We buy and sell property lots to build on.


It may be helpful to also browse our floor plan offerings and see if your home fits into one of these timeless styles. 


When looking for estimates on housing additions, it is helpful to provide as many details as possible to a contractor. We encourage you to fill out our contact form so that we can schedule a time to meet face to face. All of our projects are destined to increase the value of your property overall and bring comfort, luxury, and joy to your home. 


Exterior Home Remodelers: Siding, Windows, Roofing, Patio Work, and more!


Over the years, our homes begin to show their age, both in terms of wear and tear and in terms of style. Generally, exterior home renovations go hand in hand with interior, as you'll likely need new windows and siding for room additions, for example. 


If you're looking to update or improve the external appearance of your home, you might consider starting with the roof: shingles, panels, corrugated metal, decorative trim, and board-and-batten siding each provide a distinct but substantial improvement to your home's appearance. You might also consider architectural singles, which have more dimension than older asphalt shingles, and may are now designed to help reflect UV rays, keeping your home cooler as well. Adding a lighter, brighter, or more contemporary paint color to your home's exterior could help enhance its style. While you're at it, adding a bit of texture, such as brick or stone veneer, is another popular exterior remodeling idea. You might also want to enlarge your home's windows, add a bay or picture window, or simply change the style or dimension of your home's existing windows. For all of these ideas and more, Keystone Homes is up to the task.


What exterior remodeling project interests you?

  • Siding/Windows
  • Roofing, Shingles
  • Patio Work
  • Gazebos/Pergolas


Home Remodeling – A Lasting Investment


Home remodeling projects are a lasting investment that adds to your assets in property value. A one-time project cost will pay for itself when it comes time to part with your home. For the present, we want to ensure your total satisfaction from project planning to completion. 


We at Keystone Homes want to make your home remodeling project easy -- you don't have to worry about hiring numerous contractors and speaking with several different companies in the area to pool the needed resources. We'll supply the majority of the resources you need and can make recommendations for a few other local companies to partner with. 


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