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How to Get the Best Return On Your Home Improvement Project




Be aware of diminishing returns - projects that cost the most don't necessarily offer the biggest returns. Your primary goal with home renovations should be to meet a need, and in doing so, the hope is that you will increase the value of your home as a result. Kitchen & bathroom renovations are the two most popular renovations, and for good reason: often, they satisfy an immediate need, and they also add function to any home.


Projects that increase "curb appeal" of your home -- in other words, projects that immediately improve the home's appearance and first impression -- are most likely to offer the best returns.


Universal design

Energy efficiency


"If you see yourself keeping the house for at least five years, you shouldn't worry about value at all," Webb says. The reason: Housing trends and fads can change dramatically in this amount of time, so what's hot today could be passé all too soon.


If, on the other hand, you're planning to sell in less than five years, "then looking at the return makes sense," says Webb. Just keep in mind that tastes vary widely by location, so it's important to pinpoint what's hot in your area