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Adding a home office makes a lot of sense for homeowners of all ages and stages of life. For the single homeowner or couple without children, it's a great way to utilize available space. The same goes for older individuals or couples. For a family, it can provide a necessary place to relax and collect thoughts. If you're considering adding a home office as part of your home remodeling project, contact Keystone Homes, Bloomington's premier home builder and remodeler.


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More About Adding a Home Office


The good news is that setting up a home office doesn’t have to be costly. If you have a spare bedroom or room for a desk in your kitchen or family room, you can create an office without remodeling or buying many furnishings.



Using Your Attic

One of your best options for a home office - and also for a room addition - is to make use of your attic. Its out of the way location makes it an ideal candidate for a home office, as you'll have the space and seclusion needed to get things done.


Learn more about converting your finished attic for use as a home office.


Using Your Basement

Another option you have is to make use of your basement. Basements are cooler than the rest of the home during the summer, and with proper heating, they can be comfortable during the colder months as well. By optimizing the basement environment, any office you create will be more inviting and comfortable to use.


Learn more about converting your finished basement for use as a home office.

Why Add a Home Office? Benefits of Doing So:

You might find yourself saving a bit of coin working from home, as you'll no longer have to spend money driving to work each day, eating out for lunch, or buying new work clothes. 


Your home renovation efforts will also likely lead to long-term payoff, as home renovations are a popular way to add value to a home. If done responsibly and under budget, home renovations should be both functional and valuable. 


Perhaps the most immediate and obvious benefit is the space to work and think that an office provides. You'll be able to seclude yourself when it's time to work but also be active and involved with your family when break time comes around.


Your office may also quality for a tax deduction! Generally, you qualify for a deduction if there is a clear separation between office and household. If you don’t have a separate room for your office, this often can be accomplished with a screen or partition.


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Tips For Adding a Home Office:


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