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If you're expecting an addition to the family, you might also want to think about an addition to your home. Adding a room to your home can be an economical and beneficial move, as long as you stick to a budget and aim to add functionality over value. If you're thinking about adding a room to your home, contact Keystone Homes, a company who has built and remodeled homes Bloomington for over 20 years! We can't wait to get started.


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More About Room Additions


Room additions aren't necessarily complicated, but there is a lot of work involved, and work requires time. In today's world, time is money, as the saying goes. While you might be capable of taking on a room addition by yourself, we're also aware that you have other things you need to do. That's why we recommend that you contact home building and remodeling experts at Keystone Homes.


One of your first steps should be defining a budget. What is the max amount you can safely and responsibly spend? Is it a good time to take on such a project? Once you've crafted a budget and have begun drawing up a list of costs, you'll want to see if there are ways to bring the costs down. Perhaps instead of a room addition you opt for an outside, standalone space. 


You should also plan for inconveniences and setbacks. You also might need space to get away for awhile, as a room addition isn't done in a day. Adding a room can be a noisy, distracting experience, so you might want to consider staying somewhere else while the project is ongoing.



What Is Needed For A Room Addition


Adding a rooom to a home is a considerable project. It involves creating an additional building structure and integrating it with the rest of the home. Average costs run between $80 and $200 per square foot. Of course, you'll need the typical construction tools, which we explain in more detail on our home renovation page. In addition to tools and considerable knowledge of and familiarity with onstruction, you'll have to consider whether you want to build out or build up.


Building out involves adding a room at ground level, one of the more popular types of additions. This increases the footprint of your home and extends its perimeter outward, which minimizes disruption to the rest of the home. Building up is a great option if increasing your home's footprint is not an option. With this, you could also consider finishing your attic as a viable option for more space and utility.




Why Add a Room? Benefits of Doing So:


The benefits of adding a room are pretty self-explanatory and straightforward - you increase the space and utility of your home, you have a chance to add aesthetic appeal, and you're likely to add value to your home in the long run. If you're thinking about adding a room to your home, be sure that your primary goal is to add utility and function to your home. Doing so will help ensure that you add value, as opposed to focusing on value without adding true usefulness.


Tips For Adding a Room


There are a lot of good reasons to add a room to your home, though you might also want to consider a sunroom or three-seasons room. You have the option of choosing betwen buying a prefabricated sunroom (which often run in the ballpark of $10,000+ per 150 square feet) or having one assembled on-site. You'll also have to factor in adding heat, electricity, and all construction costs. A three-seasons room, if installed without heating, will help keep costs down.


Detached additions can range in style and price, with prefabricated, simple shed-like rooms running around $15,000 without electricity or heat, or full guesthouses that share similar costs as a detached garage addition.


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