New Home Builders in Champaign, IL

New Home Builders in Champaign, IL


New Home Builders in Champaign, IL


“Have A Great New Home Built for Your Family in Champaign, IL by Keystone Homes”



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Home Building in Champaign, IL

Keystone Homes has been building quality new homes in the Champaign-Urbana and greater Champaign County communities for years! Our business has grown rapidly & is heavily influenced by clients referring us to friends & family. They love their home and are proud to show it off to their friends when it is completed – our craftsmanship and attention to detail make each feature of the home stand out and grab everyone’s attention when they enter.  


There are few things as satisfying for our team than seeing a family see their newly built home for the first time! The excitement and dreams of the future are obvious on each of their faces and we take great pride in seeing those dreams have a space where they can come true with the closest people in their lives. The kids see more space to play with their toys and the parents see great kitchen & living room spaces to entertain friends & family for hours!  


Quality new home builders in Champaign, IL can be sometimes tough to find. We always recommend doing your homework and researching any potential new home builders in Champaign-Urbana before you have your initial meeting with them. Websites like Houzz or their Google Local listing easily shows what client’s past experiences were like. You can always see what our clients have to say about us on our testimonials page.


Past-Client Testimonials


Liz was fantastic at keeping everything on track and keeping us informed. She was also very attentive to our additions and deletions allowing us to address things as they came up and we changed our minds.  Jeff was great too! Always quick to point things out and jump on requests with a smile and laugh.  A couple little hiccups, but they stepped in to smooth things out and finished up right on time. It was greatly appreciated! - Recent remodel job (May 2016)


We really appreciate all your help in building our dream house.  We also enjoyed working with you all in getting our requirements fulfilled.  We are grateful that we chose Keystone Homes as our builder.  Surely we will refer Keystone Homes to our friends.  Thanks again to you all -

The Bodavula Family (February 2016)


Where do we begin? Well, for starters, you'd THINK building a house would be stressful. HA! Not with Keystone Homes. Everyone there made the process so easy, stress-free, and best of all... fun! We would recommend them in a heartbeat. Our home turned out beautifully, but what's even better was they took extra measures to make sure the house was built well. Their attention to detail is phenomenal. They're a company full of people with big hearts, and I think THAT, above anything else, is what made this process so amazing, and what makes Keystone Homes great. - The McFarland Family (November 2015)


Building A New Home in Champaign, IL


We have compiled a 10 step guide for our new home building process in Champaign-Urbana, IL. We hope you find it valuable and insightful as we pull back the curtain – if you have any further questions, you can always schedule an initial consultation with our new home building team!



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Step 1: Prepare, Budget, & Dream

What gets you excited about potentially building a new home in Champaign? You will meet with our expert team of builders, designers & finance to begin preparing and planning for how your home may look. Different options will be hammered out; like, what upgrades and fixtures you absolutely want or what functionality does your home need to serve for your family?


Our designers will listen to you and learn more about your style & preferences. Our builders will work with you to get an idea of what is possible with the land you own or the one you’ve selected to build on. Our finance team will combine all of this to make sure the project stays within your budget to allow you to be present and enjoy your home rather than worrying about money.


Step 2: Select Floor Plan

Given your goals & budget, we work with you in step 2 to select a great floorplan that works for your family. We want to make sure it meets your family’s needs so that you can live in your home for a long time. As your family grows and changes, we want your home to be a staple for friends & family for years to come!


After selecting, we begin pouring the concrete and laying the foundation for your home. The home’s “skeleton” is finished and house wrap is applied to ensure moisture stays out and your home remains structurally sound!


Step 3: Roof, HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical

In the planning stage, you will have selected a roof that fits both within your budget and meets your needs for years to come. Some families desire heavier shingles that have a rich color pattern while others are willing to spend more initially to have a metal roof that will last decades with minimal upkeep.


Once the roof is completed, the house is what’s known as “dried in”. Our team is now able to complete the plumbing, electrical and HVAC fixtures throughout the home. Your home is now beginning to become functional and take shape – it’s only a matter of time before you can turn the key and call it your own!


Step 4: Insulation

One of the most overlooked, but also very important part of a new built home is the insulation. We will advise you on installing the best insulation for Champaign, IL homes to withstand the variable temperatures of a Central Illinois climate. By having the right insulation, your home will be heated easier in the winters & stay cooler in the summers, without wasting as much valuable energy required to do so.


Step 5: Interior Fixtures

During step 5, the drywall & interior fixtures you’ve selected begin to take shape. If you requested textured drywall or certain colors in different rooms, we begin to texture & paint these to match your requests. The skeleton of your kitchen is finished and you will see cutouts for your refrigerator, dishwasher, & sink. Cabinets & trim are installed throughout the house. After this step, visualizing what your finished home will look like becomes very easy!


Step 6: Exterior Fixtures & Driveway

Your driveway material is poured during step 6 and any lighting fixtures or decking is installed around the home. Landscaping has begun to take shape as well as your curb appeal begins to improve! If you have brick accents or a custom garage door, these have been installed at this point and the true design of your home is evident from anyone passing by.


Step 7: Flooring & Countertops

Step 7 begins the differentiation and customization process for the finishing’s throughout your home. The hardwood flooring or carpet is installed according to your desires as are your countertops and crown molding. You will see how the various colors & designs combine together to come to life throughout your home – in no time, you will be showing your home off to friends & family!


Step 8: Install Bathroom

All electrical, HVAC, and plumbing fixtures have been completed by step 8, leaving the bathrooms to be completed. Tile is put down, toilets are installed, and your shower becomes functional. If you needed to, you could relax in your new bathroom tub by this point!  


Step 9: Final Cleanup / Landscaping

Our team goes throughout the house to completely clean and finish the new home building in Champaign, IL project. Last minute updates are installed as everything major is completed. A town of Champaign city official comes by to inspect your home and give a final approval to ensure safety and that everything was built to Champaign County code. Your landscaping outside is completed and looks great – better start mowing your yard!


Step 10: Final Walkthrough

We will walk through with you in your new home! Be sure to remain observant and let us know if anything needs changed before we hand over the keys. We will go over your covered warranties and what basic maintenance you can expect from your newly built home in Champaign, IL moving forward.



New home builders in champaign,il


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