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Our team at Keystone Homes can help make your residential remodeling project a reality. We assist a variety of projects in central Illinois that range from design, development, purchase, to execution. While we are not interior designers, our staff are expertly trained in functional and beautiful design and building.

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Every residential remodeling project requires some help from others. In order to assemble the proper crew, you need to have a plan and vision in mind. Here are some questions that are worthwhile for homeowners to consider:


Q: Will you be looking for an interior designer once the remodeling is complete?

Q: Do you plan to hire a specific plumber or electrician?

Q: Are you familiar with the type of materials you’d like to use, or would you rather select from a few choices?

Q: Can you envision a style or thematic element that your remodeling will help achieve for the entire house?

Q: Do you have inspiration pictures, mockups, or any other resources that will help get the conversation started?


Any of these answers will give us a foundation for the project, and helps us form a stronger sense for your desires. When you are confident that it is time to get started on a residential remodeling project, let’s get your timeline started.

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Homeowners everywhere seek to increase their comfort and grow the value of their home. Whether that means updating bedrooms, replacing fixtures throughout the bathrooms or kitchen, or if an entire floor needs a makeover, Keystone Homes is confident to take on the construction and completion of a project.


We ensure professional contracting relationships that guarantee a clean and safe work environment that produces stunning results. If you are interested in our services, feel free to view recent projects or request to see current work sites and find out how we operate. Keep reading below for the best tips to prepare and execute a home or residential remodeling project.


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  1. Make as many contracting selections beforehand as you can. Take this list of Community Partners and find the other businesses in town you trust to work with. We have relationships with these companies and more that will help streamline the overall process.

  2. Get a detailed contract. When you come to sign with us, we will walk you through every step of our Building Process so that every member of your team is on the same page. We will keep you at the head to make executive decisions along the way, but our staff will continue to recommend the best ways to stay on track with our timeline and resources.

  3. Consider energy use, maintenance costs, and other long-term values. Invest in the products and features of a home that you will use most often. When it comes to electrical and other utility features, our staff will always recommend cost-effective choices scaled to your budget. However, it is our priority to design and build the portions of your home that are functional and low maintenance. It is always in the best interest of the homeowner to think about energy efficiency for themselves before entering into a remodeling project.



Reach out to local technicians, interior designers, and other companies that can partner with our team.


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  1. Find a home away from home, or temporary living space to keep a distance. While it is not necessary to move out for a remodeling project (especially depending on the scale), we always recommend setting up comfortable living situations for your family while construction takes place. Whether that means moving to a different floor from the worksite or staying with somewhere else nearby, homeowners are most at ease when they do not come home every day to a work in progress. Work sites tend to be loud, messy, and disruptive for the regular day to day household.

  2. Think about opening up kitchen space for more storage and cabinetry. Planning desks are a nice idea but are typically not practical. Instead, opt for more counter space or a pantry. When it comes to a pantry or side room, consider a mudroom or laundry room carefully. Every remodeler is disappointed when they hear from clients that a well designed alternative or repurposed space is left unused. For our clients, we hope that we can provide best practices from our industry.

  3. Make the decision to pamper yourself only on the things you will use everyday: like shower heads, kitchen appliances, and home theater equipment. When it comes to whirlpool bathtubs, hidden cabinets, or other accent pieces, be careful to make those secondary in your budget. Construction costs alone require careful consideration of paint, trim, wiring, drywall or removal and replacement. It is important to get the essential elements planned first before you decide how to



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